Insieme per la Ricerca PCDH19-ETS Research invites researchers to participate in the second international tender process for research on PCDH19. The value of the tender is 100,000 euros.

The tender is being sent to researchers who, to the best of our knowledge, are already working on PCDH19. At the same time, we are also publicizing the initiative through various media, as it is our intention to carry out a full-fledged competitive procedure. In this same spirit, we invite you to promote the announcement to collaborators and colleagues who, in your opinion, may be interested in applying.

The deadline for submission of projects is July 10, 2023.

The association will announce the adjudication in the first week of next August.

In the links below, please find the conditions of participation and the draft contract to be signed by the successful bidder with Insieme per la Ricerca PCDH19-ETS. The bidding materials should be submitted in a single document, in PDF format, and emailed, by July 10, 2023 , to:


For any clarification requests, you can refer to the same email address.

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